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When it comes to furniture, colour is king...

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Helen Lowe from IGs furniture arm, Europa, talks about the importance of colour when selecting furniture.

In my capacity as an events and marketing manager for a furniture hire orientated business I am regularly tasked with creating eye-catching stands or ‘spaces’ at large exhibitions for my own company, as well as helping to support our customers who want to stand out from the crowd for their own events.

And whilst there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking to establish a ‘presence’, so to speak, my starting point is, and always has been, to set myself a colour scheme from which many of my ideas can flow.

It’s an idea that often leaves people looking a little bemused in the first instance, and understandably so, one could argue. After all, just how much colour can you inject when working in a temporary venue with white wash walls, or at a pretty dull and personality free conference hall?

Well, quite a bit if you know what you are looking for, I would say!

First and foremost, it’s important to consider what you want to achieve by utilising colour, and what colours are important to you as a result. For example, are you wanting to literally catch the eye of every passing delegate, or are you perhaps trying to offer tired and weary attendees an oasis of tranquillity in a sea of suppliers that might get them to sit and talk for a while?

Obviously the former might lead you down the route of hot pinks and vibrant reds, whereas the latter might conjure up images of calming blues and greens.

Whatever your motivation and ultimate objective, your next challenge will inevitably be to source the ‘stuff’ that you need in order to really hammer home your chosen vibe. After all, there’s only so much you can do with the odd colour themed flower pot, or a set of branded mugs.

One tactic that I often use to great effect is furniture and flooring, it won’t surprise you to learn. Chairs, tables and carpets all come in a fantastic array of hues, tints and shades in this day and age – from leather swan chairs in white and red, through to party bar tables in pink and funky yellow Arkana stools with black bases.

There’s also stock that allows you to accommodate your own graphics such as our counters, which can really help to pull together the whole scheme whilst linking in your own branding or key messages.

In short, with the right products strategically placed around a room or exhibition space, you would be surprised just how much of an impact can be made… and there’s no question that it will help separate you as an exhibitor, or the events you as a professional are responsible for overseeing, from the rest!