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IG's award winning FITZiN system

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Sometimes a problem seems to be so much part of the way exhibitions work that we simply put up with it. Sometimes the solution is so simple you wonder why no one has thought of it before.

The Problem

In an industry which is all about appearances, the venue block mains box and mains cable on shellscheme stands has been a perennial headache. “Isn’t there anything you can do about that ugly cable and big box?” must be one of the most asked questions by exhibitors during the buildup of shows. Exhibitors who have spent thousands of pounds on their graphics and who are eager to demonstrate professional presentation to their industry find their graphics spoilt and look of their stand undermined by the ugly necessities of stand power and electrics.

The Solution

The solution from Index Group is breathtakingly simple. We hide the venue mains cable in the shell scheme post. Building on and enhancing our award winning Fitzin system which already massively simplifies the process of combining electrics and shellscheme, we’ve created a clever little extrusion which allows us to open up and lock the cable away in it and fits into our existing shell scheme system. No more unsightly cables. No more compromised graphics. No more unhappy exhibitors.

Because of the way the Fitzin system incorporates electrics and isolator in the beam itself we’ve also been able to do away with those ugly isolator boxes for a much neater solution. Out of sight without compromising the look and feel of the stand.

The Results

Happy exhibitors, great looking stands. The Fitzin cable tidy system is clean, simple, wastefree and effective.

Fullycompliant with the latest electrical regulations at all major exhibition venues, with no additional labour, buildtime or cost impact our patentpending solution is already taken the exhibition industry by storm.

Developed in partnership with selected organiser clients and launched to the rest of the industry at Confex, within the first month we had the system on two new shows and will roll out across the portfolio of 100+ events we work on each year. 

What Organiser’s say so far....

Having worked closely with Index on several events we were looking for a solution to the ugly power boxes and additional cabling which can make an event look unfinished and upsets exhibitors when it interferes with their graphics. Index took this on board and came back with a fantastic solution which was showcased at our International Armoured Vehicles Event this February. The new set up with cable tidy and the electric boxes above the shell worked brilliantly. It gave the event a far more finished feel and the exhibitors were delighted with the development. It is a solution I would highly recommend to other organisers and it still has the ability to be built and broken down in record time!!

Claire Peaker

Head of Event Management IQPC International

These new venue cable tidy poles are great. At last I don’t have any exhibitors complaining to me that they are the only ones having these ugly cables on their stands. Such a simple idea, and it really works. The cable tidy system is great we used to get exhibitors who spent a fortune on their graphics only to be ruined by these unsightly cables running across them or at best put into the corners which still detracted from the efforts they were making with their stand. Well done and roll on with the next invention!!!!!

Kerry Page
Events Operations Manager at TSL Education

Bloody brilliant. So simple, so effective, so mad I didn’t think of it.

Simon Burton
Managing Director, Exposure Communications

This latest enhancement to our system won the `Innovation Award’ at the years 2012 aeo excellence awards and here’s what the judges said about our winning entry: “Through this innovation, exhibitors will no longer have the perennial headache of ugly cables on their stands. Beautifully simple this initiative will make a difference wherever it is used”. 

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